Python 2.7 Writers WANTED!!!With Panda 3D Engine 1.9.4

My name is Nick de Kruijff. I’m 15 years old(don’t leave yet!!!)
I am a beginner Python Writer and I use the Panda 3D Engine.
I have made a game on my own(plus a website).


I am arranging a crew to make this game better.
I foun a Model/Texture and a Video Guy already, but I need someone that can assist me with writing codes
and if possible teach me new thing, so I can pick up some more expierence.

I use Panda 3D Engine 1.9.4 with Python 2.7.
We write all codes in one .py file.

We have anything you need:

  1. Pycharm
  2. Sony Vegas Pro 14.0
  3. Maya

These you can for free from me :wink:
(off course for the game)

You can go to the website and go to update videos and than click in YouTube on the trailer and that would be the last stable version and the first one published.

I have some other codes in development, but they are incomplete.
That’s where I need YOU!

You can help my team and teach me the stuff I need and you can assist me(you do a lot of work, but just say assist, savvy?)

You will be official member of the Team and will get the credits fot everything ye do(Probaly Coding, cuz that why te reading this)

My stable .py file over the 600kb of codes now, but there are some things I need to change, but that’s done quickly.
Also we are busy with a code cleanup, cuz some models can be placed together as one.

If you are in or have any question:
Mail me to:

my supported languages: