PyPy+Panda3D, do you see a change?

Hi, just to note this litlle utility called PyPy, it’s a sucessor of Psyco and this is it’s homepage:
I didn’t try any exercise tests, but I am searchin for some, so, what is YOUR experiense with this? :exclamation:

pypy is great project but not production quality yet. Its not really a successor to psyco just the guy who made psyco also works greatly on pypy. And pypy should have lots of psyco features in it.

Pypy is implementation of python in python so its a bit slower then regular C implementation of python but they are getting much better! I think last time some stats showed that its only x2 times slower which is much better then 600x they had before. They did this by compiling subset of python with rpython. Now the really interesting thing about pypy for me is rpython ~ rpython is a subset of python language that can be compiled to true C speeds sort of like pyrex or cython but better.

did you say that ‘pyrex’ and ‘cython’ run at C speed?Really?

Pyrex and cython sort of run at C speed. It translates simi python code to python extension C. Hand coded C would probably work better but still.

To tell the truth,i dont know much about Pyrex.What is it actually?
Do i need to know C to be able to use it?(ive done some simple C stuff with Dev C++,if that helps).

Your ‘nice’ forum doesnt look ‘nice’ at all!Just click on it.Is this some kind of a joke??Its good enough to get you banned :imp:

actually. he got banned yesturday already.
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