PyPe IDE code complete (Intellisense supported other IDE)


I am using PyPE IDE as the manual suggests, and im not happy with it after all. As im used to the Visual Studio, is there any IDE`s out there that supports code completing or something like intellisense support for Panda? And which doesnt yell at me all the time about code indent errors?

Also one more question,

I am getting used to the mixed up API refference, but it still looks a mess and most of it is still undocumented. Is there any downloadable manual and API refference with some search function?

Thanks in advance.

hello there,

starting with your last questions. the downloadable version of the manual/apireference can be found in the download section. juts scroll down a bit.

the indentation errors are something you produce yourself. python relies on indentation so you have to use it the right way. its like not writing the “;” in c/c++. fixing those errors is as easy as learning to code python with correct syntax (see a python-tutorial of your choice).

about the IDE question. the manual only makes general suggestions. it does not contain the universal truth of the universe. so some people might like it, others might not. if it doesnt suit you , just choose another one. try to google for “python IDE” and if you like, add keywords for the features you want like autocompletation etc.(dont add intellisense as keyword since it sounds like a word made-up by M$ to make elementary features sounds more exciting.
there should be many different IDE’s out there.
btw. most IDE’s have a plugin-system which allows to add things like that.

have a nice day,

I can’t speak to the other stuff (I don’t even know what “intellisense” means,) but you definitely want an IDE that alerts you to code indent errors. With any programming language indenting your code correctly is important, but it is especially crucial with Python. While in other programming languages indents are crucial for human readers but don’t matter to the computer, in Python the interpreter actually executes the code differently depending on how you place your indents. Specifically, Python doesn’t use curly braces {} to delineate blocks of code, and instead depends on the indentation.

For example, where in some common programming languages you would declare a function by writing

void main() {
    in the function
outside the function

in Python you write

def main:
    in the function
outside the function

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