hi ppl

i’ve only been using panda3d for a week so this may be a stupid question to be asking.

i read on this forum that by using py2exe you can make scripts into EXE files to be run on any comupter.

i downloaded a copy but didn’t realise that it was for py ver 2.3 and panda was 2.2.

downloaded version 2.2 but it still says that it can’t find a python installation.

now i thought that when i installed panda3d it also installed python so i can’t understand why this is not working.

any ideas, or if i still have the wrong file, can someone point me towards the correct file that i need.



maybe its checking the environment variable PANDA_ROOT?


Please don’t post questions in more than one forum. Posting in more than one forum makes communication more difficult because people start replying in more than one place, and the topic is not covered in one centralized location. :smiley:

With regards to your specific question about PY2EXE, I’m sure that somebody more knowledgeable than I will post an answer soon.

There’s a registry variable that Python sets up when you install Python directly from the website, which you don’t get when you install Python via the Panda3D installation. Many Python modules check for this registry variable when they install themselves. Since you don’t have it set, py2exe doesn’t believe you have Python installed.

Probably the easiest way to fix it is to download and install Python 2.2 from


I know this is an old post, but for whoever needs the solution:

Now ppython will recognize py2exe as an installed package
This also works for Psyco (speeds up python code 2x to 4x faster)