pview error "Unable to create window.


I am trying to use blender3d with chicken r71b to export a cube with a blue material into panda3d.

I have the common problem with my cube showing up white only.
After searching this forum I found pview mentioned to preview .egg and .bam files.
But pview isn’t working one my system (the panda3d tutorials do work).
Using pview with any .egg file give me this error:

pview map_01.egg 
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
:display(error): Could not get requested FrameBufferProperties; abandoning window.
  requested: depth_bits=1 color_bits=1 alpha_bits=1 back_buffers=1 force_hardware=1 
  got: depth_bits=24 color_bits=16 accum_bits=64 back_buffers=1 force_hardware=1 
:framework(error): Unable to create window.

Any ideas ?
I am using arch linux 64bit.

dont know the exact reason why pview isnt working for you. but you need at least one light in your scene, to make the material show up.

Adding a light to the sceene did fix my cube color problem.

It would be nice to get pview to work on my system.

It means your GPU doesn’t support an alpha channel in the framebuffer. Does putting this in Config.prc help (replacing the current settings for it)?

framebuffer-alpha #f
alpha-bits 0
framebuffer-alpha #f 

did the trick. Thank you !