Pure3d model store with 20% discount days

I’m happy to announce a new 20% discount round this week with 20 coupons to celebrate the very first Pure3d Newsletter I will publish once a month now. Just enter PURE3D-20-PERCENT at checkout and get your 20% this week at the Pure3d Model Shop (shop.pure3d.de).

As some of you know I’m specialized on vegetation and environment models for games. You also find some animated stuff there. All the models come with different file formats. But just see yourself on the shop. :slight_smile:

Also the shop got another make-up with new box art covers, better product shots with wireframes and larger previews. This month will also be dedicated to new 3d model sets for arch-viz and real-time applications like game-engines or arch-viz tools.

If you like to stay up to date then subscribe to the newsletter here: eepurl.com/oaE21

Or just go to the store: shop.pure3d.de

Are there not any in the .egg format? For Panda I’m sure the people who would ant to avoid modelling would prefer a simple insertion into their software.

They look excellent btw.