pstats on linux

hey some one who uses ppremake to build panda on linux can they post the build log, i want to put in the linux pstats tool into the build chain because right now its missing!

drwr i am looking at you! Thanks in advance.

That last post might have been a bit hard to understand, but I happen to know what he’s saying. :slight_smile:

ppremake currently builds linux-pstats. makepanda doesn’t. We wanted to add support for linux-pstats to makepanda. To do it, we need to know what files to compile. I figured that looking at a log from a ppremake build would give us the information we need. I was hoping somebody who uses ppremake could mail me a log from a successful build. (

i never make sense this late at night …

Does this issue persist in 1.9 as downloaded from CVS?

I’m currently using a home-built installation of 1.9 (built using makepanda, as I recall), but have found that for some reason PStats seems to be missing – even when it is expressly requested via “–use-pandatool”.

However, it’s entirely possible that I’ve simply missed its location, or failed to build it correctly – if so, what should I be doing to get PStats?

This thread is from 2007. We’ve built gtk-stats on Linux for many years now.

You should have the development package of GTK+2 installed on your computer (libgtk2.0-dev). Makepanda should tell you about missing GTK2 if it’s not building it.

Ah, it looks as though I’m missing that package – thank you. I’m not sure how I missed the message that indicated its lack. ^^;