Pstats fps

i’m trying improve my fps, if anyone have any advice…
this is my pstats print screen.

i cant view the file.

Same, can you try hosting on imageshack or something similar?

Pstats can sometimes choke the frame rate because there is too much data, you can use the PRC setting “pstats-max-rate 10” and see if that eliminates the “wait” time. Another setting you can try is “sync-video 0” to disable VSync.

thanks teedee, this worked. is better to see now…but,
can you tell me another thing?
if i call detach_node() (C++) in one nodepath animated,
the animation continues or it’s stopped automatically?

int flag = cn->is_in_view(*this_animal);

	else {

The animation is computed implicitly when a model is rendered. Thus, if a model is detached from the scene and no longer rendered, its animation is no longer computed; there is no need to explicitly stop it.

Unless you are referring to interval- or task-based animation, rather than AnimControl-based animation. Intervals and tasks continue to run regardless of the state of the node they are animating.


Thanks! i understood now.