I t to write a panda program using C++.
But I can’t compile in numeric_types.h its always complaining about not finding prtypes.h
If I define the types he need by hand he doesn’t find some oder pr… headers
Where can I get this files?

prtypes.h is part of NSPR. If you are linking with a version of Panda that is compiled to use NSPR, your application must use NSPR as well. You should put the path to the NSPR header files on your project’s search path. If you have downloaded the thirdparty sources, you will find these files in there somewhere.


Thanks that fixed it
But now I have a new problem:
When linking it looks for a ‘python24_d.lib’ but I only have ‘python24.lib’
How can i get the python24_d.lib copying and renaming isn’t a sollution

A debug build of Panda (using OPTIMIZE versions 1 or 2) will need to link with a debug build of Python (python24_d.lib). By default, when you install Python, you install the non-debug build (python24.lib).

You have two choices.

(1) obtain a debug build of Python, either by downloading a prebuilt version (I think there might be one available on, but I’m completely sure) or by compiling it from source (this is what we do in the VR Studio).

(2) keep using your non-debug version of Python, and build a non-debug version of Panda to match it, by setting OPTIMIZE to 3. (OPTIMIZE 4 would also work, but I strongly discourage using OPTIMIZE level 4 for any active Panda developer.)