proxy in exe

Sorry to be back with this topic.

I have generated an exe through pdeploy, and it works well on my pc.

But on another PC without panda runtime, and so on, the exe shows a blank window.

Going to applocal/panda directory, I found a log directory, and it seems that panda tries to download some package.
Two questions :

  1. I believed that the exe was self sufficient (stand alone). It seems it tries to download package. Is it norma?
  2. How to say to the exe to go through proxy. I define a config.prc, in localdata/panda3d/prc directory with proxy definition as shown when I got the problem for packp3d, but it seems it didn’t work

Thank you

I am trying using the -s argument in pdeploy as mentionnend in the manual…

I hope it is the solution

TRying to create installer, I got this error :

failure invoking nsis command

do you have ideas?

I believe this boils down to the bug you posted today on launchpad, which I have recently committed a fix for (and which will be fixed in 1.8.1).

In the meantime, you could try the pdeploy of 1.7.2 to prove that the pdeploy pipeline works. The bug in question was not present in that version of pdeploy.