Prototyping Collision Objects

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I was wondering if someone may have some insight/misc thoughts into an issue I’m having. I’m looking to try and copy an existing prototype for use in the scene graph. I have alot of “bricks”, and each of these bricks have the same basic collision spheres. So I’ve created a prototype collision sphere that I’d like to clone every time I create a new brick.

So my question is, when I make a copy of this prototype collision sphere for each instance of the brick, should I do a simple copy, or do I need to do a deep copy? And taking a step back, can I just copy/deep copy such a collision object, and have it be a seperate/unique/legit object as far as Panda is concerned? Or wil that just not work?

Sorry if the question is a bit convoluted. I seem to be having a difficult time asking my question. :slight_smile:

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In fact, you can use the exact same collision sphere object in multiple different places in the graph, and Panda won’t mind.

You can even use the very same CollisionNode, if you like (see the Instancing section of the manual), but that can get confusing if you parent something to the CollisionNode (it will end up parented to all instances).


Wow! 3 Mins and a very enlightening answer! :slight_smile:

Thanks David!