[Proposal] conference at europython 2011

Hello panda people!
As some of you may know I’ve been messing around with panda3d since a year more less and loved it.

I’m italian I was looking for Europython 2011 and found out that this year is held in Firenze, a town here in Italy. So… I’m not that brilliant panda coder/hacker but I think it would be a good idea to have a panda3d conference/tutorial in there.
It could ever be a good chance to gain popularity and maybe some more people in community, which is not bad :smiley:

So, that’s my proposal.

What do you think about it?

p.s. Firenze is not far from where I live so I could do it

Sounds like a great idea.

When is it held?

Maybe we could through to gether a tech demo.

Take lots of video/pictures.

20 to 26 june but call for paper ends on 6 april.

A practical demonstation would be good :slight_smile:.

Anyway if i ask to do the paper is fine?

Sure, it sounds great! Please feel free to tell the whole world about Panda. :slight_smile:

Firenze is usually called “Florence” in English, for some reason. It’s a lovely town; I visited a few years back, but not for a conference. I wish I could come to this one. :slight_smile:


oh my I’m so sorry but finally I can’t :cry:
because exactly in that period I got my final exams at school (last year) so I really can’t :frowning:

If anyone would like to do it of course it’s appreciated.

hey good news!

My exams starts with 22 june so I’m calling for paper now. Just a thing…just in case is needed, can I ask you a little help in organizing my talk?



I’ve been accepted at europython 2011 and I’m going to talk about panda3d :smiley: .

So, asking you, any hint about a good paper about panda? (maybe some of you could have already a bit of experience in this)

I guess you could use this:
Some of the cheat sheets: panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Cheat_Sheets
to give a general idea on how Panda works,
Show some images:
Mention the games which use Panda:

Here is paper about Panda3d submitted to PyCon 2004.

The Panda3D Engine - Python Scripting for Game and Simulation Development


Very nice! Thanks for showing panda to other people :slight_smile: