Project Language Conversion

Just wondering -

Are there places on the internet that will allow one to convert text typed in one language, into another language?

An accurate language converter, so to say.

If so, and I could change text from one language to the next, I would imagine I could not continue to use Latin-1 charset only.

Does changing charset on the fly cause a lot of errors within a P3D program?

If I’m not mistaken they have an API which allows another program to send in a block of text in one language ( CGI script? ) and get it back translated into another language. Seems I remember the length having to be 1024 chars or less , so you can’t ship a lot thru at one time but it would be fine for chat text and suchlike. If I’m not mistaken theres a Firefox addon that does this . And I think Panda and certainly Python are Unicode compatible so you should be able to use other charsets, though I’m not sure how to use those features yet. Since I’m also interested in eventually being multilingual I’d be interested in following your progress.

Lord Gengoro Kitsune