Progress on a "box shaped from object"?

Currently we have a CollisionBox, however that thing can only be used as an into object.

What’s the progress on getting that particular CollisionSolid to collide as a from object (particularly into some visible geometry)?

PS: I wish I could help but college is consuming my time to even get into the loop of the engine’s development.

Panda’s internal physics are not developed anymore, I think. Better switch to Bullet physics or another physics library Panda supports.

Nemesis#13, I don’t think he’s talking about physics at all.

Currently, the CollisionBox is only supported as a from solid when colliding with a collision sphere. The problem is usually that the mathematics for box<>solid intersections aren’t existent or are difficult to compute. In general, a sphere is the most universally supported and fastest collision solid.

Patches are appreciated, though, as always. :slight_smile:

Even if all you need is collision detection without physics, Bullet is still a better choice than Panda’s internal system.

That really depends on what you need it for. For instance, it’s currently more difficult/expensive to get collision information back from Bullet, since there is no analog to a CollisionHandlerQueue.

Also, let me clear up that although Panda’s collision systems and physics systems are compatible, they are separate subsystems.

That is unrelated to what the OP asked, though, which is whether the box can be used as “from” object. The answer is yes, but only when colliding with sphere.

Ok I want to know if it is possible to do ghost/intangible object collisions with ODE?