programs running choppy

Hi, I’m having issues running panda programs on my windows machine. The problem occurs in the sample programs as well.

The programs that have skeletons are problematic. Boxing robots do not move (or they move only the first frame, once). Looking and Gripping works but the movement of the avatar gets stuck and plays back choppy. Motion Trails also does not move, or gets stuck and only cycles between two frames. It then jumps ahead when i press number 1 for example.

I switched between load-display pandagl and pandadx9, pandadx9 improves some of the choppiness but the problems still persist.

Can someone point me in the right direction on this?

Thank you in advance.

machine specs:
Windows 7
Intel Xeon CPU
2.66GHz dual processor
4 GB memory
32 bit OS

It sure does sound like something might be broken in your graphics driver. Have you tried updating? Do you get the same behavior in tinydisplay?


That fixed it. Sorry, I should have tried that before posting.