Programmers of Python wanted

Ok heres the deal: Our organization is hiring! (non-profit BUT WHEN WE MAKE OUR FIRST GAME WE START PAYING YOU!) well you see we are planing to make a game and need people to help with voice, graphics, programming, etc! so if you are intrested please contact me or reply to this post! thank you!

we have 3 empoyees so far (NOT PROGRAMMERS) so we need programmers to help make the game

What kind of game is it? What is it called? How much do u plan on selling it for? How much do you plan on paying your employees? How do u plan on paying your employees? What kind of steps are you taking with legal matter? Are you going to sell the game to a corporation like sony or is it only going to be availible from your website? How will the one that bought it recieve it? mail? or download? Do you have the story board complete? Do you have any of the models? Do you have any screenshots of a it so far? What positions are open besides programmers? What kind of voices do you need? What style graphics do you need?

btw: I can make you a website for your game. email for more info!

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