Problems with Ubunut 11.10 and egl

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use panda3D with Ubunut 11.10 and egl/OpenGL ES 2.0. I tried to install panda3D and I tried to compile it on my own.
When I start a pview a window appears, egl sais that it is initialised, openGL ES is initialised but I can’t see anything. The window is black (even if I change the background-color).
On the console the following error accures every frame:

:display:egldisplay(error): BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

This error message seems to come from the x-library. Does anyone had such a problem before?

I link my program against the mesa-egl and the es2gears is running fine.


We need a bit more information than that. Perhaps a gdb traceback made with “x-error-abort #t” set in Config.prc would help.