problems with the sceneeditor

When I try to start up the scene editor I get the following message:
Fatal Python error PyEval_RestoreThread NULL tstate

This application has requested the Runtim to terminate in an unusual

and TclError: couldn’t open " /player/sceneEditor/new.gif
no such file or directory

What should I do?
Is it possible to send a screenshot by e-mail.
I’m running on WindowsXP and I’ve just installed Service Pack 2 on
my computer


The scene editor as it stands needs a little configuring before it can be used. This is something we need to fix, however to get it working right now here is what you do:

  1. Find the file under the SceneEditor directory
  2. In the init() function change the self.editorpath variable to look like this:

self.editorpath = <InstallPath>/SceneEditor

(If you installed panda in “C:/Panda”, this will be your install path.)

(You can read all about it here )

It works. Thanks :wink: