Problems with Shaders

Hi guys,

I’m starting using panda3D, I have a Nvidia Gforce FX5200 graphic card, I am having problems with shaders, always when I try to run a sample that uses shader my graphic card reports that it doesn’t support shader, even if I try to use directx8, directx9 or OpengGL. My graphic card suports the shader model 2.0. If try to use samples of the Ogre3D engine tha uses shaders, shadows, etc it runs smoothly, but with panda I get errors. I don’t know what can be wrong. Thanks in advance.

That’s really strange. I’ve had an FX5200 as well in the past, and I could run even the most complex shaders fine.
Can you put this line in your c:\panda3d-1.5.3\etc\Config.prc:

notify-level-glgsg debug

and give us the output when running a sample that uses shaders?

Ok, I will do that

I did as follows, I downloaded the most recent drivers for my graphic card, so I could run the samples normaly. Anyway thanks for the reply, it shows the community here is an active one. I hope to learn Panda3D but its difficult for the lack of tutorials and step by step guidance. I saw you projects Vickings it’s incredible very good, congratulations! Thank you so much.