problems with eggObjectFlags.mel

hi all,

i’m trying to develop a simple tabletop football game as a project for university. right now i’m having a hard time defining collision polygons. i’m working with maya and i discovered in this forum a mel script called eggObjectFlags.mel to set flags for polys in maya to be recognized by maya2egg. i want to have some polys to have the { barrier } flag to be recognized as collision polys. but apperently this mel script won’t work for me. the maya script editor always throws this error “$object” is an undeclared variable when i try to load the mel.

i’m new to maya, python and panda, so this is probably just my fault beeing a noob. but i’d really appreciate if anybody could help me make this work as i’m to finish this project in 2-3 weeks. thanx a lot

i’m using maya 7.0.1

Yes, the original mel script from sourceforge was invalid.
I have fixed it, get it –[HERE]–

works like a charm, thank you