Problems with chicken

i’v recently been trying out blender to create models for gamesusing Panda3D. But i need to change the files from ‘‘blend’’ to ‘‘egg’’

I discovered chicken but i have no idea how to use it, when i run the script it ends on line 32 ‘‘import blender’’. I understand that i have to change and run the script but i don’t know what to change.

if someone could write a walkthrough of what to do that would be a great help.

Chicken is a Blender script, which means it has to be run by Blender, not a standalone Python interpreter. To install it, you must unzip the release .zip file to your scripts directory (in Windows this is usually C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts; in Linux its usually /home//.blender/scripts).
Then, to use it, you must open the .blend file you want to export and select Chicken from the Export menu.