Problems to export animation with chicken

I started using panda3d and blender just a few days ago und i made good progress. But now I stuck on exporting an Animation with chicken.
export Models work well, but when i create an Animation in Blender and start chicken i am still in Static Scene Export Mode.

Just to get any animation exported, i took an example from “the Essential Blender” and taught the example to wave by using Bones and armature.
I select mesh an started chicken but i´m still in Static scene Export Mode.

I am a bit desperate, because the last 3 day i was just trying to export any animation, read tons of forumposts, but couldn´t get it. So, maybe someone can help me.

hopefully, Rene :wink:

Are you sure you attached the armature to your mesh using the “Armature Modifier”? Chicken supports no other way, AFAIK.

Yes, i read about it somewhere here in the Panda-forum and tried it,
click on mesh
add modifier -> amature
and when i click on apply a get an error Massage from blender:
“Modifier cannot be applied to Mesh with shape Keys”

starting chicken then, causes an Error as well.

So, that mean i must not use shape keys…
hmmm, ok i do so, but now my bones move without the body and i still cannot export as animation, but i have no error massage

ok, i try a little arround, maybe i get it