Problems Starting

So i need HELP.
I loaded Panda3D-1.4.2 through the downloads part of the websit. (the installer .exe)
Then i loaded Python 2.4 because i read that Panda is not compatible with 2.5.
I tried to start Panda and do the “Hello World” in the manual and i cant open panda. I can’t get the grey screen.

I typed

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

I saved this as, then i run it with python 2.4 and it soesn’t work.
SO i also tried running it with a commapnd Prompt by typeing

And it says that python can not open this file

I need some help. Thanks

You have two problems. One, panda comes with its own copy of python. You can use a separate copy of python (other than the built-in one) if you need to, but to do so, you have to configure the paths. It’s much easier to use the built-in version.

Second, python can’t open the PY file. Perhaps you specified the wrong filename? Or you put it in the wrong directory?

how do i reset the paths for python24, or how can i open the existing version of python?
I can open with the compand prompt by typing “python” but then i cant save anythin like with python 24.