Problems starting Panda3d on Mac with Snow Leopard

Hello to you all.

Few years back I have used panda3d in combination with python on a windows machine.

I just installed panda3d (and the NVIDIA CG toolkit) again yesterday, but now on my macbook pro with brand new Snow Leopard. But when I walked through the manual (I have to refresh) first thing goes wrong while starting up my test script containing only:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

The error message I receive is the following:

So either the Panda3d path variables are not set correctly (I watched the Config.prc file, but have no clue what to change)

(Off course, I tried all, but with no other result) OR the NVIDIA toolkit is not working properly on my Snow Leopard installation.

Can somebody help me with changing settings(?) so Panda3d will run on my mac?

It’s a known issue, and will be resolved in the next version of Panda3D.

To highlight the post in that thread that should help you out:

I searched for it, but didn’t find it.

This works, thanx a lot!

where don I get that