Problems retuxturing / Wrong retexturing

Hi there,

i am have a gltf-model which i want to retexture depending on some game information.
I am using this code for retexturing:

The model seems to change the color only and only one color out of my texture, not the way it should be textured. Are the uv-coordinates the same? It looks fine if I assign my texture in blender.
Screenshot from blender:

Screenshot from my game:

Seems like there is no texture but only one color on the hexagons which should have the wave-texture. How to fix this?

I’m not sure of why you’re not seeing the majority of your colour-texture–the UV-coordinates should be the same, I would think. However, the lack of your normal- and gloss- maps might be because your related calls to “setTexture” lack the “priority” parameter (unlike the call to “setTexture” that replaces your colour-texture, which does have it).