Problems exporting animations with Chicken

Sorry to be a bother again!

My problem is with the Chicken egg exporter with Blender. I’m trying to export a model and animation. The model is exported perfectly, but the animation isn’t, even though it says “exported successfully” when I try it. I’ve been trying different ways to fix the problem all day and nothing works.

This is my first time doing animations in Blender, actually. So I’ve been following tutorials to get it done. The first tutorial I followed led me to parent the object to the armature. I found out later that Chicken won’t export animations done this way, so then I unparented the object. I followed a different tutorial and that helped me use the armature modifier method instead, so I thought it would work now. But… I still can’t export my animation. Is there any way to save my current model, or did I ruin everything by parenting it already? Please help!

Put this question in the “Pipeline” section.

Okay, I moved it to the discussion about Chicken already in the Pipeline section. Thanks.