Problems converting from blender to egg

Hi guys this is my first time trying to convert a model in blender into egg format using the chicken exporter

I was able to export a model without its texture into egg format.

However when i try to export a model together with a texture which i uvwrap a 128 x 128 png image file onto the model, i came into this error

" File “C:\Documents and Settings\Acb\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts\”, line 1860, in write ln.append(’%s alpha { %s }’%self.alphamode) TypeError: not enough arguments for format string"

I have been trying to solve this error but having no success. Juz hoping someone here can help and point out my error…thanks in advance

Well, the bug is pretty obvious looking at the source - not sure how that missed testing. I’ll upload a fixed version as soon as I can - only just woke up, and have a lot to do today though, plus don’t have my normal chicken dev environment, but hopefully should find the time in the next 24 hours!

Ok, just uploaded a fixed version to sourceforge, though haven’t been able to test it as I don’t have a proper setup right now; its a pretty simple fix though, so chances are good that I got it right. Tell me if you have any further issues!

Yeah…no more having problems exporting the models using the updated version…Thanks for the help lethe :smiley: