Problem with x2egg

Hello! I’ve been struggling with the x2egg exporter for some time now, and whilst most of the process runs fine, there is a strange issue after converting .x to .egg.

To put it simply, the exporter seems to ignore all normal information, and proceeds to soften everything!

For example, the following is a tetrahedron, a face of which is not “softened”:

As you can see, it is perfectly visible on the DirectX Mesh Viewer, but on pview it’s just a fully softened polyhedron.

I can use -nv (angle), but it disregards all normal information (as it should) and is thus not a solution.

I’m including the files (I’ve also included the Wings3D source file, but I don’t think that will be necessary):

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i have encounted the same issue.
it seems x2egg welds all vertices which have the same pos into 1 vertex. but vertices with different normals should be regarded as different vertices.

Could you post a file for me to test it? The link in the original post seems to be dead.

there are an X file and an EGG file in attachment.
the model is just a simple box aligned to world axis. in the egg file, i saw some normals which are not aligned, they must be average products of normals from other vertices.
my previous test model had been broken into simpler parts to avoid this problem, but that way is not convenient, especially if the model is complex. (2.76 KB)

Thank you! I’ve checked in a fix to Git that will be in the 1.9.1 release.

may i know, when will Panda 1.9.1 be released?