problem with vectors and angleDeg

Hi, I’m trying to obtain an angle between points on a triangle. I’m having a problem understanding what angleDeg is giving me.

This is the code I’m using

angle = vector1.angleDeg(vector2)
print angle

For an input of vector1=Vec3(1,0,0) vector2=Vec3(0,1,0) I get an angle of 90 (approximately), which is correct.

For an input of vector1=Vec3(1,1,0) vector2=Vec3(0,1,0) I get an angle of 60. Why isn’t this 45?


EDIT: If I divide both vectors in half (0,.5,0) and (.5,.5,0) I get an angle of 29. Why did the angle change if I only adjusted the magnitude?

It’s because you haven’t normalize the vector !
the must have a length of 1 and the first (1,1,0) hasn’t

for that, do :
vector1.normalize() before
and vector2 for other tests

amazing, thanks!!!