Problem with TIFFs (maybe)

I am working with some inherited code and it is possible that something is wrong with the files that were installed, but I’ll lay this one out there anyway (hopefully someone can help):

I am getting the following warning twenty or thirty times when starting panda with this specific .py script:

pnmimage:tiff(warning):TIFF file unknown field with tag 34665 (0x8769) encountered

Any idea what this means? It doesn’t crash the app, but I think it is vastly slowing down my load time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is just a spurious warning produced by the public-domain tiff library. Since it is legal for an application to define custom TIFF tags, many do; and when they appear in a TIFF file the tiff library reports them, and Panda then reports that message to the notify log.

You can ignore the warning. If you want to suppress it so that it doesn’t slow you down, put the following in your Config.prc:

notify-level-tiff error


Hi David,

When I go into the config.prc I see two other similar lines:

notify-level warning
default-directnotify-level warning

When I add the new line notify-level-tiff error, there is no change - I still get the warnings.



I commented out both preexisting lines in the config.prc as well as adding the following:


And I still get the TIFF warnings every time the app starts. Any other suggestions?


I have this line in my Config.prc:

notify-level-tiff error

And it absolutely does work to squelch the tiff warning messages. Are you sure you (a) spelled it correctly, and (b) are editing the correct Config.prc file?

If you put the following:

notify-level error

(note, there is only one hyphen; there is a space between “level” and “error”) in your Config.prc, Panda will squelch all warnings, including the tiff warnings. If that’s not working either, again check that (a) you spelled it correctly, and (b) you are editing the correct Config.prc file.

If there’s any doubt as to which Config.prc file you are loading at runtime, try running this Python command:

print cpMgr

which will list all of the prc files that have been loaded.


Thanks - I was indeed spelling correctly, however I was not putting the lines in the correct config.prc file :unamused: Upon putting the print command into my code, all became clear.