problem with seeing things through things

ok, I’m just starting with panda because I like python but I needed power. I’m very confused by a problem I’m having. I can see through my models to other parts of the model. I don’t know if I’m making a really noobish mistake or not. I have a picture and I can post the source if needed. … nbship.jpg

another thing though, is there anyway I can get rid of the dx9 dll error popping up? I don’t have admin on the machine I’m using and can’t reach the admin so I can’t install dx9.

Hmm… if I remember right then by default transparency is not enabled on a NodePath, and you have to turn it on yourself using e.g.

np.setTransparency( TransparencyAttrib.MAlpha )

or have something like this in your egg file

<Scalar> alpha { ON }

A face or polygon is by default rendered only from one side. If you look at the missing parts from another direction, do they show up? If so you can make your model two-sided using this:

np.setTwoSided( True )

Hope this was helpful,

um… kinda.

I don’t know how to rotate the models using the mouse in panda…

and when I tried your code, it said np is undefined. Any particular module I need to import for it to work?

hmm, my apologies. By np you meant the nodepath I was using. Yes that fixed it. Thank you!

The “see-through” parts of the model are gone when you set two-sided?

If this has been the problem then perhaps you should consider modifying your model in whatever 3D modeler you prefer, for performance reasons.

If setting two-sided like shown above all faces of your model will be two-sided. Most modelers allow to set a “two-sided”, “double-sided” or “backface” flag per face, and perhaps only a few faces of your model need this flag set, and not all.