problem with panda3d on opensuse 10.3 plz help

Ive installed panda3d on opensuse 10.3 and works fine except it only allows me to run games in software mode and says my driver doesnt support hardware rendering. I have the mesa3d driver (ver. 7.0.1 i think). Does anyone know how to fix this or a better driver to get because games run very slow when your rendering through software.

Also mesa3d do support hardware acceleration its very slow and for very few cards - only very old and onboard intell cards. Mesa3d hardware is quite slow too! panda might just classify it as software any ways and that is what you might be get. You would need a driver from nvidea or ati in order to get ok hardware acceleration out of your card.

For all I know, rpmdrake might be able to fetch the geforce or radeon drivers for your machine. If not, you might have to download them directly from the ATI or NVidia website, compile them, and install them. Sometimes, that’s easy, and sometimes, it’s hard. I don’t know how to do it.