problem with msvcrt

ok i been trying to get input from keyboard and i’m useing msvcrt which works in phython but it does not work with panda 3d well i can’t get it to work heres my code

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
import math

import msvcrt

movex = 1
movey = 1
movez = 1

gameloop = ture 
m = loader.loadModel("/c/king.egg")
m.setColor(10,50,90) (movex,movey,movez)
while gameloop:
char = msvcrt.getch()

 if char == chr (119)
 movex + 1



heres the out put

  File "c:\", line 21
    char = msvcrt.getch()
IndentationError: expected an indented block

can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong ?

The error is totally not related to msvcrt, but it’s an indentation problem in your code. Any python tutorial would have covered indentation on the first or second page, so I recommend to follow one.

sorry for give me for my noobish