Problem with missing python module under new install


Virgin install of Panda3d-1.5.2 under windows XP SP3.

Installation went fine. Chose my already installed python environment and not the supplied Panda job.

There was no entry for Panda when I looked at “All programs” after clicking on “Start” - strange?

Attempting to run a sample program from the command line (yes keyword python is recognised) I get this as an error message -

import direct.directbase.directStart Importerror no such module.

Hope this makes some kind of sense?



You need to create your own Panda.pth in your Python/Lib(?s)/site-packages. You can copy the one from Panda’s python folder and edit it so that it points to your Panda folder.

Ok thanks for the path thing - see later.

I found the “start\All Programs” entry for Panda3D it was under the Admin log in. I installed the app under Admin privelages while logged on as a lesser mortal.

I still could not get samples to run from command line or start menu so I uninstalled and reinstalled. I thought that if I chose Panda3d’s implementation of python during install this would make a difference. It did not.

Back to the path thing. If we take the install at present, an install with panda3d python. What mods do I need to make to the path file to get this app to work?



Ok Did a bit of homework.

when I open a dos window under xp logged on as a lesser mortal and type python, I find that Activepython is the flavour of the month.

I then did a bit of surfing regarding appending a directory to a python path file. I appended d:\panda3d-1.5.2. Is this correct, obviously not as things still do not work.

I am still getting an error re direct.directbase…

Of to do some more digging



Go into your python interpreter and type:

>> import sys
>> sys.path

If you don’t see your Panda directory in the sys.path output you wouldn’t be able to use Panda. In your panda.pth are you using forward slashes or back slash? The Panda.pth file in your site-packages directory should contain the following entries:


I installed Panda, and i can run the samples.
But when itry to make my own programms, like the very first which just opens a window, i get the:
import direct.directbase.directStart Importerror no such module.
Error message

I allready changed the panda.pth file, which now looks like this:

But no go.
Please help, what am i doing wrong?

Try “ppython” instead of “python”, cuz it might be that there is a conflicting version of Python installed.
You didn’t actually need to change the .pth file, really. You just needed to copy it to your separate python’s site-packages dir.

No, sorry, ppython is not working either.
And i am pretty sure, that there is just one
Python installation on my system.
Any further ideas how i may get Panda to work?

“just one Python installation” You mean you did install Python separately from Panda3D? Panda3D installs its own Python, you know.

Weird that it can’t find your stuff. Can you hop into “ppython” and type this:

import sys;print sys.path

and post the output here?

(Btw: 1.5.2 is pretty old right now.)

Is there a way how i may redirect the output of that command into a text file? I can not copy and paste the result.
Then: I am just using the phyton which comes with Panda, and its based in the Panda directory.
All the path info given by

import sys;print sys.path

point to that directory. Even my own directory mystuff is there.
I am slowly a bit desperate … :frowning:
Ah by the way, i am using 1.5.4 and i allready changed that.
So, thats not the reason why its not working.


Makes me really unhappy.
Not a good sign, when you
try to start out with something
new and receive a failure
before you even started.
What a pitty

Hmm, if you want to get it running, try uninstalling both Python and Panda, and reinstall Panda3D and use panda’s shipped python installation.

There’s a reason why we ship our own version of Python with Panda3D. Mainly to avoid these frustrating issues.

… and the python which comes with it is installed on my system.
Anyway, i will try to uninstall and reinstall panda.
I akllready did this once
but maybe it helps.

… now not even the sample programms which did run before are running.
That is not good,
i drop that, never mind, i just wanted to try and received the expected result.
Just for consideration when doing a documentation:
A newbie does not know a lot of stuff which is for the pros absolute
self explaining. Very elemental mechanisms may be much more easy to understand, if properly explained. For example: What happens, if i start a .py file? How, and wherfrom is all that visual magic conjured up from?
I am pretty sure, that it is just a small little thing, which prevents me from going on, but since i dont understand i dont even know where to look for the error.
Kind regards,

Finaly i got it!
I considered all tips i received, and then i found the problem:
I had a game installed, which did install a python as well!
When i was looking and trying to uninstall python and panda, this one slipped trough.
Now i uninstalled it, and reinstalled Panda and it workes.
Sorry for beeing such a pest!