Problem with lightening in panda3d

I have noticed a problem with lighting in panda3d1.1.
When i run the Basic-Tutorials–Lesson-2-Interval, i get this : ( thats the snapshot).

I also saw similar lines when i ran the greetingcard example, but thought that the example was like that.

However, when i commented out the setupLights function in the file in init, the image looked good except for a green light, which i think is another light.

I get the following warning when i run the example without commenting out the setupLights function:

How can i fix it? A search on the forums for deprecated LightAttrib gave only these 2 posts:

which were crashes and not the errors i was getting. Any help is appreciated.

Also what does this warning mean?I get this for every script i am running.Is it modifying my system’s time?


That is a driver bug. Try updating your video drivers.

The 4 second adjustment is nothing important. If there were a 4-second stutter in an animation, you might miss an important part of a cut scene. So when panda notices that rendering a frame took an unusually long time (say, 4 seconds), it automatically rewinds all animations by the necessary amount, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Panda frequently does this at initialization time, since it is fairly common for initialization code to take several seconds.