Problem with GC/Linux

I’m compiling Panda3D on GameCube Linux ( and using a virtual filesystem(put files in a zip, convert zip to c using bin2c, load it into virtual filesystem), It doesn’t quite read the compiled files right. It gets somewhere up to fmod…

Sounds like you’re blazing a new trail there on platforms that Panda has not yet been ported to.

Are you reporting that it doesn’t compile on GC, or are you asking us to help solve it? Are you interested in pursuing a port to GC Linux? If so, power to you; but you’ll need to give us a bit more information about the exact nature of the problem if you’re hoping we can provide some insight.


GC-linux, respectively, is another form of Linux; basically just a Linux running on PowerPC. People have already ported OpenGL wrappers for GX, the GameCube’s 3D interface, but not much sound support like in FMod. I tried to compile FMod for GC-linux and LD didn’t take the .o files(all software targeted for PowerPC, by the way).

Is it that you were unable to compile the third-party fmod library, or is that having compiled this library, you were unable to compile the audiotraits library in Panda, which uses fmod?

I can’t help you getting fmod compiled; you’ll need to talk to the fmod distributers about that. But I can help you get Panda compiled. As a quick workaround, you might just put:

#define HAVE_FMOD

in your Config.pp file, so that you can build Panda without bothering with sound support.


So, basically just have no sound support?

Sure, why not? You can always go back and figure out what it takes to make it work later, after everything else is working. But sound is a pretty esoteric feature of Panda, and it doesn’t make sense to get hung up on that one detail.


Works perfectly without sound! Someone else is coding an FMOD wrapper. I’ll wait until that’s done.

So, that’s cool: you’re able to run Panda, without sound, on a GameCube running GC-Linux?