Hi there,
Am new to panda3d… Actually am from University and am having a 3d Multiplayer game as final year project to do… We’re getting well on the codings part bt am having a big problem with a model…

I have modelled a biped character in maya, textured with a pixture from photo shop, UV mapped. evrything looks good in maya bt when i tried to load in panda3d, whenever some part of the body overlaps with another part, it becomes transparent… I don’t know where the problem comes from. I have scaled my model to 0.2 as i modelled it quite big in maya.

Is it the rescaling? or the texture or sumthing else making the parts transparent?? What i should do to correct that?

I’ve posted some screenshots for support…

Please help me out…Thanks


looks like a z-sorting issue.
do you have any transparent or partly transparent parts in your texture?
if so. can you try to set the transparency mode to “DUAL”
if not. try to remove the transparency channel from your textures.

maybe looking at will help you,too.


Hi thnks for reply so quick…no there is no transparency in the texture…I did it in photoshop and initially i exported as a tga image and then i changed to jpg too thinking that maybe it was from the texture file…

Thinking that it could be from photoshop, I tried replacing the texture with a plain picture which i got from the web, still the same…

I tried setting the alpha as:

alpha { dual }

and as

alpha { ms }

It is still the same…
Note: I have only one texture file and no other file for transparency as the model doesn’t have any transparent parts…

Looks to me like your model is inside-out, so we are seeing the inside of the model instead of the outside. Check the direction of your normals in Maya; they should all be facing towards the outside.

You can also test this in Panda with:


If that appears to fix the problem, your normals are inverted. (It’s best to fix the problem for real in the Maya file, though.)


i thought about the inside out thing at first,too. even if its inside out. it should not draw the hand in front of the body when the body is between hand and camera.
also the head seems to be not affected by the wrong-normal problem.
to me it sorta looks like the model is rendered the wrong way round. like back to front instead of front to back. is there any possibility that such a thing would happen??

I still think it is an inside-out model. This kind of thing fools the eye completely. For instance, maybe the head is inside-out too, and in the above pictures where we think the character is facing away from us, he is actually facing towards us, which would explain the hand not being occluded by the body (since in that case, the hand is actually in front of the body, even though it appears to be behind it).

It’s also common for parts of a model to be inside-out while other parts are not. Maybe the head is fine but the torso is not, for instance.

Is it possible for something more exotic to be going on, like the character is rendering back to front, or with depth testing disabled? Sure, it’s possible, if there are some exotic flags set in the egg file, or if the user has made some unusual Panda calls on the model after loading it. You’d have to go out of your way to do this, though, and it seems pretty unlikely that this would have happened by accident.


Hi Guys…

Many Thanks for your replies…It was indeed an “inside-out model”… I tested it out with:


And to my great surprise it worked!!!
At first i would bet 100% that it was not (as ThomasEgi), but i thought why not try it and to my surprise it worked!! David was right

Thanks David (drwr), you saved me from days of work to get this thing work properly… :smiley: