Problem with Demomaster on Linux

When I cd into the demomaster directory and run python I get the following error: ImportError: cannot import name OdeWorld. I’ve also tried running python2.6 f f f as I was told in another post, but that yields the same error.

Any suggestions? I think this has something to do with ODE (apparently)

You built your Panda3D from source, didn’t you?
If so, what did you use to build Panda?
What operating system/distro are you on?

I did python makepanda/ --everything, then su, then, python makepanda/

I’m using Gentoo.

Did makepanda print out something about a missing ODE lib? Usually it should print out all missing dependencies on start.
Run with --verbose as argument for detailed informations where panda looks for those.
Run --everything --verbose again and post the first few lines here. If you didn’t change anything since the last time you built Panda then the whole process of makepanda shouldn’t take more than a few seconds anyway.

Aside from that: you really shouldn’t run installpanda as root. Better make a package (not sure what gentoo uses; ports?).
This way you can upgrade and uninstall panda without looking for every single file manually. has no counterpart like “” you know.

I have posted the result of makepanda --everything --verbose at

There are a few things missing. some might affect ODE.

Until Panda 1.7.0 tinyxml is highly recommended, if not required. This might be used with ODE in Panda. Not sure, though.

Nvidia’s Cg toolkit is required for shaders support.

You want either OpenAL or Fmod for sound.

and last but not least: xf86dga. Not sure, but I think this is also a very recommended dependency.

Install at least tinyxml and try importing ODE again.
All other missing dependencies are very optional.

So if I don’t have a Nvidia graphics card I can’t get shader support?

Nvidia’s Cg toolkit is only called like that because Nvidia is one of the companies who invented and who maintain Cg.

It isn’t directly connected to graphics cards or drivers. It’s a bit like Google and their Chrome browser. It’s called google chrome, but that doesn’t mean it’s restricted to the google search website.

Nvidia’s Cg toolkit supports all graphics cards, not only Nvidia.