Problem with 3dsmax exporter


I have some problems with the egg exporter pluggin for 3dsmax.
In fact, the export works really great. The problems is that it makes 3dsmax bug every 2 exports (at worst after 1, at best after 3).

And the only message is “An error has occured, the application will now close. Do you want to save the current scene?” !

I have this error on 3dsmax 9 and 10. Is there a reason for this? a solution?

Yep, it crashes. I have the same problem. I’ve spent about 4 or 5 hours searching for the bug, but I just don’t have time to look any farther right now.

Furthermore, the Max export code is pretty out-of-date. It’s missing a lot of important features — for instance, it doesn’t even support multitexturing!

The Disney guys don’t even own a copy of Max, so there’s not much they can do. As for me, I’m right in the middle of the semester, and I’m a teacher, so I’m pretty swamped. I plan on trying to fix it this summer, but of course, that’s a ways off.

I’ve heard that it’s possible to export a Max file as a DirectX “X” file. Panda can use those. That might be a reasonable stopgap.

Thanks for your answer.

Some work to do I see. Good cheer! :slight_smile:
I didn’t know for X models! It can be useful!

Hello. I have the problem that the shading of my exported character is gone when I export it with the 3ds Max9 egg exporter. I use phong shading. Should I choose another kind of shading in max?

I see you talk about exporting as a DirectX X-file. Does that export animation too?