Problem with 1.5.0

Hi everyone, since I’ve installed Panda3D 1.5.0 I’ve been with some ‘random’ problems in my game.

See the image below:

I’m using Windos Vista, but this error also occurs on Windows XP. When it was running on Panda version 1.4.2 this didn’t occur.

I’ve been tracking the code to see some places where it sometimes appears, and one of them seems to be on my gameLoop:

def gameLoop(self, task):
        self.dt = task.time - task.last
        task.last = task.time 
        if self.pause or self.dt == 0.0: 
            print 'task cont!'
            return Task.cont
        print 'y' 
        return Task.cont 

It usually does after the print ‘task cont!’.

This error is random, sometimes does, others doesn’t. It seems that it happens when Task.cont is returned too fast.

no clue? :frowning: In Panda3D 1.4.2 this doesn’t happen.

This is returned by the low-level memory allocator. It’s claiming that someone is trying to free memory that was never allocated. Either something is very wrong inside Panda, or something is wrong in the memory allocator.

In any case, there’s a simple workaround, which Josh will have to implement in the 1.5.1 build, if he is able to do so before it’s time to release it. Josh, please just turn off ALTERNATIVE_MALLOC for now while I look into the problem in more depth.


Yeah some of my players have experienced this problem too, i told them to delete their tmp directory (where panda stores tmp bams and converted textures) and it worked again. It would be nice to track this down.

Well, I’m kind of relieved to know this problem isn’t only with me, I hope you can find the solution to this :slight_smile: thanks