Problem trying


perhaps someone can help me out.
I put the code into my file for a scene to test Shadows.
All I do then is creating an instance of the Shadowcaster-class:
Shadow = ShadowCaster(myLight,myFloor)

When I run the scene, i get the error message:
ParasiteBuffer instance has no attribute getChannel

I have no idea what went wrong, since the buffer is created in the ShadowCaster-class:
self.buffer =‘shadowBuffer’, self.texXSize, self.texYSize)

Btw Panda is configured to OpenGL

the Code of ShadowCaster

The version of you are looking at has unfortunately suffered from bit rot–it’s using an old Panda3D interface that has since been changed. Sorry about that!

Please make the following modification. Change lines 42 and 43 of from the following two lines:

        layer = self.buffer.getChannel(0).makeLayer()
        dr = layer.makeDisplayRegion()

To this single line:

        dr = self.buffer.makeDisplayRegion()


Thx a lot, works fine now.

How do you use this?