Problem starting Panda

So far i have a win xp and i’ve already fixed the path already and it got me a syntex error or that i think i also says that the module doesn’t exist. So far i really want to use panda 3d very bad and i won’t turn away until i can get this fixed. so far the greeting card worked like a charm too though by the way. The command prompt popped up too but doesn’t seem to do what it was supposed to do. I would appreciate some help.

If you want to use Panda3D real bad, I still suggest using the stable Panda3D 1.0.5 - these problems don’t exist there.

1.1 is a beta and still consists of some not-so-nice bugs… I would love to see a Beta2, but I guess this won’t come till 1.1.1 is released. Till then I advice to use the stable system.

Regards, Bigfoot29


Most likely you made same mistake I did…trying to run one of the ‘python’ files from within windows explorer instead of from menu ?..however to run this right from console you must do: ppython…


Still not working. Where should I save it at? is that the reason it’s not working? I just saved it to the python folder in the program files. It’s still not working. I need some help on this on by the way i’m using the stable version and it’s getting the same reading.

Do you enter the python prompt when you type: ppython in dos prompt?
How do you open your panda scripts / python files ?

Do the samples in the panda3d/samples dir work when you run them through the short cut?

I’ve even tried the examples and they don’t work either the last time I’ve tried. Somehow I guess Panda wasn’t just that compatible or something. I could be wrong. Honestly I really thought this was a good product, but I just wish that this problem could be fixed or something I really wanted to use Panda 3d. I guess I can keep trying until then, but I just wish that they can fix this problem.

Would it be possible for you to post the exact error message you are receiving? Python’s error messages tend to be fairly descriptive; we may be able to better help you if we know exactly what error message you are seeing.

It’s okay I’ve finally got it. This is what I did. Basicly I’d just drag the py file into the ppython executable and there ya go it loaded the demos corectly and stuff. Well after a few times this is the best method for me, but somehow the loading screen in the beginnning is too long. It took me a while just to load a blank screen and the basic demo with the trees and stuff took me only a while like say almost 20 seconds. Anyways I can start learning panda now.