problem packaging librocket [SOLVED]


I am using this line to build a p3d:

packp3d -o ./build/updaterclient/updaterclient.p3d -d updaterclient -r bullet -r morepy -r rocket

In my application I got few .py in the same directory, and an asset repertory (with mainly rcss, fonts and image), and a window repertory containing the rml.

In a first step in my, I load my font :


All is ok, before the packp3d.

when I test using panda3d.exe my.exe, I got this first error:

:rocket(error): Failed to load font face from assets/brassiere.ttf.

I think, that this directory is not package, or the librocket can’t find into the inside package.

So, I don’t know how to package to say to librocket to look inside the p3d.

Try specifying to packp3d that you want .ttf files to be included in the .p3d using “-n ttf” (-n means add all files with this extension without compression, because librocket needs to be able to seek through the file, which is not supported with compression).

Amusing that is so simple.
Thank you rdb! It works fine.

I have done a workaround, and dl the file I need through httpclient, on the local directory of panda.

It was working, but If I can embedded all directly in my p3d (or exe), it is yeah better.

Thanks to you again!