Problem MakeHuman / BVH Files / Blender3D

Hello Everybody,
I know it’s not the place for that but i don’t know where to find this information. I know that many people here have imported the MakeHuman and applied BVH Files.
The blender support don’t answer… perhaps i can’t explain correctly the problem.

When i import some bvh files in blender of a human, bones have different names : Right_Shin for one, RightShin for others or radically, other names.

When the names are the same, no problem.
But, when the names are different (it’s probably not the only change, like Channels), thatés a weird. When i rename the bones in the imported armature, it’s a little better, but it’s not good at all.

Do you know why ? The armature animation from imported BVH is well ALT+A) and when i Add Action Strip to … I have headhache…

Other question : somebody has already made a BHV file whith his webcam and use it in blender … and finally in panda ;o) ?
Thanks in advance