problem at beginning

when i run panda on ms prompt, following tutorials, we came to an instruction
where we must type this “ppython”

but the problem is that, when i typed it, the prompt tells me that ppython is not recongnised as internal…etc

why is that???

i’v followed everthing the tutorials said…but do not understand this problem

can someone help me plzzzz

Check if the panda install directory has been added to your path variable.

Try running the ppython command with the full path to the panda install directory. Should work.

thx for your reply,
but sir

i’v look at my paths variables, the panda directory is found there and also i’v written the full path to the panda folder

but even that, it does not work

i cant understand why…

as i’v said, i’v followed evrything on that tutorial

please help me out of this, because i cant go further if this simple thing isnt working

The Panda3D executables are in a sub-directories (“bin”) and the modified Python executable (“ppython.exe”) is in a sub-directories too (“python”). So you should have both sub-directories in your path:


…assuming you have installed Panda3d in “C:\Programme” of course.
To run ppython you should have the second directory in your path. Is it?

If yes, then please navitate to this directory using the file explorer and see if there is a file “ppython.exe”. Or use dir at the command prompt:

dir C:\Programme\Panda3D-1.3.2\python

Is ppython.exe in Panda’s python sub-directory? If not something went wrong with the installation. Perhaps re-installing might help.

sir, i have noticed something…

there should normally be a folder python in the panda program folder…

but y i dont have that python folder.

by the way, the python program was installed at another location…

but a friend told me that the python folder should come when we install only panda itself.

i cant understand anything

what should i do now…

i’l try to uninstall panda n install it again. i’l c what the result n let u know. but sir do tell me y i’v got the python folder problem

This is what I would suggest:

Please try to uninstall Panda3d, then check if anything is remaining in the Panda3d folder and if it is, remove it by hand (just to make sure, I think Panda3d installer forces removal of the installation directory), and then make a new install. Your Panda3d directory should look like this now (Panda 1.3.2 windows binaries):

08/12/2006  01:02    <DIR>          .
08/12/2006  01:02    <DIR>          ..
08/12/2006  19:19    <DIR>          bin
12/02/2007  18:46    <DIR>          direct
14/02/2007  20:33    <DIR>          etc
27/02/2007  16:25    <DIR>          include
01/12/2006  00:21    <DIR>          lib
24/02/2007  10:34    <DIR>          models
01/12/2006  00:22    <DIR>          NSIS
12/02/2007  18:46    <DIR>          pandac
01/12/2006  00:21    <DIR>          plugins
08/12/2006  19:23    <DIR>          Pmw
02/12/2006  09:50    <DIR>          python
01/12/2006  00:22    <DIR>          samples
01/03/2007  15:52    <DIR>          SceneEditor
29/11/2006  19:31             5,156 LICENSE
01/12/2006  00:22                67 Manual.url
29/11/2006  19:31            28,461 ReleaseNotes
01/12/2006  00:22            93,728 uninst.exe
01/12/2006  00:22                53 Website.url

Is something missing?

About the other Python directory: might be you have installed Python itself or another application that comes with Python. Don’t remove it if you don’t know WHO installed this directory, or one of your other applications might not run.

Oh, and no need calling me sir. Makes me feel old. :slight_smile:



i’l try it n let u no

but even now, i dont have the folder python, but nevertheless, the first tutorial is running

zat is it is recognising the ppython