print unicode (connected language(persian)) text on screen

hello everybody
i join to panda3d recently and learn things and im creating a simple game

in this step i want print some text in persian language on screen (unicode) (persian and arabic are like toghether)

i put this in config.proc

text-encoding utf8

and my code is

font = mLoader.loadFont('tahoma.ttf')
textObject = OnscreenText(text=(u'سس'), pos=(-0.5, 0.02),font=font, scale=0.07)

#printed result : "س س"

it show letter true but the problem is persian language stick letter some time (connected font) depend on what letter you use.
example : letter “s” in persian is “س” but “ss” is “سس” as you see its not “س س” language stick letter some time

problem :: my problem is printed letter with code above are seperate it dont support stick
question 1 :: is there any way to fix it ? for example convert text to image or some thing like this that panda provide for this problem ?
question 2 :: did panda3d support RTL language ? becuase persian is a RTL language .