primus exitus

im not sure about the name at the moment!
my vision is a realtime opera

some screen form my first character -> the levithan

here some quick testanimations… vertex count around 8000 - normalmapped


muscles back

test animation a bit crappy


Looks great! :smiley:

Are the screenshots taken in panda?


this pixel resolution i wanna have in.

dirq! :wink: :smiling_imp: :laughing:

wowowow! you are great!

oh thx :slight_smile: im not seen myself such as great, im just wanna do my things…

i did a new idle animation

i love the animation workflow in panda :slight_smile:

may i ask what shaders you use? the shadows and speculars are awesome.

I’m guessing Panda’s built-in per-pixel lighting, which can do all these effects.

yes, i love panda :slight_smile:

in mudbox ->

so, i did a bit more on details in the wall, i think im going for this kind of stone style. but im not sure.

so i think this looks better now…

a bit dark, both in color and style. but technically i like it a lot. especially the walls, very nice.

:slight_smile: thx a lot, i did it a bit brighter

btw. i had to write a exporter of the position information of some object in maya. i tried to use the find function, but im only get the pos matrix 0,0,0 back. could it be that the maya exporter is a bit buggy or…

Very advance stuff there. Wish i can do that sort of 3d complexity. I bet your good at texturing too. Im also a 3d modeler but truly newb at it.

That’s the default behavior of maya2egg, preserving transform only for nodes which have model or DCS flag. I can switch it easily with my MEL script mod in CodeSnippet.

thanks :slight_smile:

oh thnx, but only the command flag that would be great :wink:
but i can live with my workaround…