preventing models from being captured by camera

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know how else to put this into words but, is there a method available to the camera (or display region) class that can prevent certain models that were specified from being rendered?

Hope you could help me here.


Read the manual sections on bitmasks and hide()/show() visibility. Long story short: you can set any subset of nodes to be visible to any subset of cameras.

You can call nodePath.hide() to hide a model from being rendered.

You can also set a camera mask on the camera using cameranode.setCameraMask, and then use the same mask as parameter to nodePath.hide(mask).

see hide() and stash() methods of NodePath

this video also nicely shows such fundamentals of panda: … 3215&hl=en

The camera masking and selective hiding worked perfectly. Thank you so much!