Preliminary float textures

Hi guys,

I did some patching and got floating textures to work with FBOs/MRTs. So things like HDR with deferred rendering should now be easily implementable. I’ve put up a preliminary version of the source changes + example usuage code to

It seems to work well on my WinXP for my limited test cases and doesn’t seem to break any of my old stuff. I would appreciate it if some more brave souls could give it a try (and do some bug hunting especially on Mac/lniux) before I hand it off to david or rdb.

In additional to the working float textures, I also hacked in an FBO optimization. Before, Panda would attempt to unbind/rebind ALL textures for a FBO EVERY FRAME. This is completely unnecessary and I’m guessing it was a quick hack to account for changes to texture attachments post initialization. I’ve bypassed this reset-up per frame so you’ll have to setup all of the rendertextures all at once immediately after declaring the FBO and (before the next render frame is drawn when the FBO is actually initialized.)


ps. You have to be able to recompile the source.
pps. I’ve uploaded my windll to
Put into your \panda-***\bin\ Make a backup copy of your old dll first!

Panda3d 1.8.0 on Win64

Assertion failed: (((size_t)&var) & (sizeof(Integer) - 1)) == 0, file c:\buildsl
ave\dev_sdk_win32\build\panda3d\built\include\atomicAdjustI386Impl.I, line 23

That assertion failure means that an integer somewhere wasn’t word-aligned.

What did you do to generate the error? It looks like you were running the buildbot version of Panda; which code did you run with it?


I’ve uploaded my entire bin directory. It might fix the problem.