Precise and realistic vehicle movement, speed and timing!!

Hi everyone, this is the first project I’m trying to create in Panda3D and it’s about a PRT(Personal Rapid Transit) System Simulation.

I want to integrate Panda, Qt, and Python modules for statistical, numerical, network, plotting and simulation analysis.

Basically is gonna be a network with stations and paths/roads for automated vehicles movement

I want to achieve precise and realistic control over the movement, speed and timing of vehicles in the network. But I haven’t found anything from panda ai, motion paths, bullet… on how to achieve this control.

Any ideas, suggestions, resources would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forums!

You’ll have to be a little more specific on what you’re having trouble with. The amount of control and precision your simulation has depends on your simulation code.

Thanks for your reply.

For this project I’ll stay with Maya.